This website is to feature products to come under the Blue Collar Care branding.

These products focus on the needs of the hard working individual who would traditionally be considered a “Blue Collar Worker” in their job role. These individuals are normally subjected to harsher environmental conditions than those of a “White Collar Worker” and so need products that can cope. This means high quality products that are the right tool for the job at hand; although they can still be used by white collar workers who appreciates the quality and performance these provide.

The first of these products is Derma Defender ®, which is designed to help prevent the development of skin cancer from the exposure of UV while at work.  This is in response to recent official research published which shows that those in traditional Blue Collar Work are the most at risk and is explained in further detail with links within this product section.

Derma Defender ®



Derma Defender ® is designed to help protect those who work outdoors from the harmful effects of the UV exposure from the sun and should become part of your PPE routine.

Derma Defender ® will also help to ensure your skin stays hydrated, and has a water resistant formula, or as we like to think of it as sweat resistant for those that are working hard.

The Product

  • Formulated after a discussion with a leading UK skin cancer charity, to meet their recommended specification which is published on their website.(http://www.skcin.org/sunSafetyAndPrevention/sunSafetyInTheWorkplace.htm ).
  • Derma Defender ® is SPF30 rated.
  • Provides UVA & UVB protection.
  • Exceeds the European standard requirement.
  • Has a 4 star UVA rating.
  • Comes in a handy 100ml squeezable tube that fits in the toolbox, or van glove box and is also suitable for airplane hand luggage, so you can have protection no matter where the site may be.
  • Water resistant to keep protection when in the rain or other water source (We like to think of it as sweet resistant for the hard worker).
  • Skin hydrating, for those harsh dry environments to help prevent dry cracked skin.
  • Provides sun ageing protection.
  • Priced affordably so this vital part of PPE is not overlooked.

Made in Great Britain

The Research

As reported in the Sun newspaper, research published in the British Journal of Cancer and carried out world by renowned institution ‘Imperial College London’, by Dr Lesley Rushton (who is an adviser to the UK government and a European committee on carcinogens).

Statistically each year in Britain, damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays from the SUN AT WORK result in:

  • 241 cases of melanoma skin cancer
  • 48 deaths

Of the Deaths

  • 44% in Construction jobs.
  • 23% in Agricultural jobs.
  • 10% in Public Admin & Defense jobs.

Health and Safety & Legislation

Employers have a legal obligation with regards to the duty of care to protect their employees against hazards in the workplace.

According to HSE guidelines, UV radiation should be considered an occupational hazard for people who work outdoors, and so Derma Defender helps to fulfill the role in protecting from the UV radiation.

Remind your employer of this, and make sure you are provided with this vital piece of PPE for your skin ® .

Here is a link to the PDF leaflet from the HSE website.

Additional Information

Employers should be providing this as part of the PPE as guided by HSE occupational risks, workers may even start to ask for it to be issued to them.

This PPE product is a legitimate business expense, which can be helpful for the self-employed who may then buy this instead of another version in a supermarket even if they do take it away on holiday as well as use on site.

Derma Defender   has a 12 month life span once opened, the product has a 5 year lifespan if unopened.

There is a complimentary UV indicator wristband that changes colour in the sun to warn that you are being exposed to UV and should apply some Derma Defender if you have not already done so.

UV Indicator Wrist Band

This silicone wrist band is specially manufactured to change colour when it is exposed to UV light.

This is a photo chromatic effect and is effectively the same principle as the auto tinting glasses / sunglasses. The stronger the UV light the darker the colour the band will become and so will help warn you that you are being exposed to the sun rays and that perhaps you should apply some Derma Defender ® to protect yourself.

Being constructed of silicon the bad is totally reusable, easy to put on with it stretching and waterproof from rain or even sweat as you work hard.